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Academic Publications

Burgess JD, Ho P, Noordsy DL. Exercise, Sleep, Meditation, and Yoga in Nutritional Psychiatry. In: Nutritional Psychiatry edited by U Naidoo. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Publishing, in progress

Burgess JD. Diet and Nutrition in the Prevention and  Adjuvant Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders. In: Lifestyle Psychiatry: Using Exercise, Diet and Mindfulness to Manage Psychiatric Disorders, edited by D.L. Noordsy. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2019.

Noordsy DL,  Burgess JD, Hardy KV, Yudofsky LM, Ballon JS. Therapeutic Potential of Physical Exercise in Early Psychosis. Am J Psychiatry 2018 Mar;173(3)209-214.

Delichatsios HK, Hauser ME, Burgess JD, Eisenberg DM. Shared Medical Appointments: A Portal for Nutrition and Culinary  Education in Primary Care. Glob Adv Health Med. 2015 Nov;4(6):22-6

Eiesenberg DM and Burgess JD. Nutrition Education in an Era of Global Obesity and Diabetes. Academic Medicine. 2015 Jul;90(7):854-60

Eiesenberg DM, Miller MA, McManus K, Burgess JB, Bernstein AM. Enhancing Medical Education to Address Obesity: "See One. Taste One. Cook One. Teach One." JAMA Intern Med. 2013 Mar 25;173(6):470-2

Frankel E, Evans T, Burgess JD, Desai K, Li QS, Langer C, Mao JJ. Supportive/Palliative Care Use Among Lung Cancer Patients: Rates and Barriers. ASCO Annual Meeting, June 2011, Chicago, IL [Abstract]

Media Publications

Burgess JD. Busy People, Healthy Kitchens. Pilates Style. 2010 September.

• Insights from a professional chef on how to create healthful meals on a limited budget with limited time.

Burgess JD. Primary Flavors. Pilates Style 2007 May.

• Insights into universal flavor patterns that can be used for all cooking styles, specifically focusing on the dynamic use of salt, sweet, and sour.

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